Bourbon Chase Aftermath…Marathon Around the Corner

Hey Folks, sorry for the leave of absence for so long. Lots has happened since I last posted. I’m now back in school at little hometown Wilmore, Kentucky where I’m studying Sports Management at Asbury University. It’s wonderful being back at my old stomping grounds where I have friends new and old.

I spent the first month riding, then I suddenly had an urge to challenge myself so I signed up for a marathon. This summer I haven’t touched running, but I’m back at the grindstone getting in 50 miles every week. I picked the Bowling Green Marathon because it’s relatively flat (about 1,000 ft of gain) and it’s a Boston qualifier. So when 2016 rolls around I hope my times are still good to get me signed up. Yesterday I ran my last long run and now it’s time to restrain myself into a taper. Oh boi, it’s difficult saying no to more running because I’m just now rekindling my love for it.

In between my training adventures, my friend Brian came up to me with an offer of running a 200 mile relay race from Clermont to Lexington, KY visiting all the local distilleries along the way. I said HECK YES! You might be thinking, “Oh bourbon chase? Drinking + Running?” The runners actually don’t participate with drinking games while racing – I can’t say I’d want to either haha. We had two vans with six team mates to a van. I sat in with a great group of folks in van one who were privilege to run with.

I had three legs (3.9m, 4.2m, 5.6m). It was the shortest collection of legs compared to everyone else, but the hills made me work for my pace. My plan going in was to run my legs fast, which considering I hadn’t done any speed work in forever – I was satisfied. My favorite leg was at 1:30a in the morning. Here it is:

I started in the center of Stanford and cruised past three creepy cemeteries. Within my first mile, I spotted a yappy dog chasing down two runners ahead of me. He returned to his post after they were out of reach and then proceeded to hound me down. Before he could eat an ankle, I yelled him down which was a silly scene to witness. What’s with dogs in Kentucky? I’m not carrying the bacon you know. This leg was probably my favorite because visually you have a congo line of bouncing headlamps in rainy darkness. It really captured my mind in the moment. The last half mile I was bombing down a hill as fast as I could throw my legs. Beside me were the team vans lined up along the side of the road. As I ran by, I heard my driver yell, “We’ll pick you up at the handoff Alec!” So I handed off the bracelet to Jim, jumped in the van and we took off. No better way to end a leg. It was a blast! I ended up passing twenty runners which was a morale boost for me and my team.

Race day is November 2nd in Bowling Green at 7am. I’m looking forward to hitting my milestone finally. I’m aiming to finish around the 3 hour mark – that’s my goal!


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