The State of Affairs

     Hey running peeps. I apologize for the lack of posts. My running has been on a standby lately because of my plantar fasciitis. I have been running of course – just being more cautious with a nagging injury. The low down is I’ve been running for the past three weeks with little to no interruptions. I fear I’ve been so desensitized to heel pain that my version of interruption is probably fatal pain. The first two weeks back were ideal. It wasn’t until the third week when my body began reminding me again that I’m “injured”. So to remedy that I’ve sprinkled in some bike days at the gym. My treatment have changed too. I got a rumble roller:Image

     Yes it’s intimidating looking! I use it to loosen my calves and quads. Believe me people, it works like roller magic. Even if it feels like medieval torture when you first drive your legs into it. Other than that, I’ve been stretching like no tomorrow and heating my foot rather than icing it. Apparently that increases blood flow and healing, which is hopeful.

     In terms of running the Boston marathon in April – I’m still on the job. My training isn’t structured to a T, but so long as I increase my 30 mile weeks to 60 soon with a long aerobic day thrown in…everything will be rockin’. I plan on going into the race being fuel prepared too. That means being well equipped with water flasks and gels from head to toe. I learned my lesson my last marathon attempt in October. Never go without water!

     A thank you to those couple of dudes joining me on runs for the past month. You guys make the runs more enjoyable.

     Expect some shoe entry updates soon. I’ve got some good things in store!



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