Kinvara 5 Preview

Better late than never running folks. I’d like to show you a shoe worth drooling over. If you haven’t heard of the Saucony Kinvara – well, you’ve been living under a rock because it’s one of the best shoes out there. Just look, please.


Wa la the Kinvara 5. Just to give you an enlightened run down. The Kinvara is apart of Saucony’s natural motion series, which is their attempt at minimalist running shoes. What I love about all of the natural shoes is that, they’re minimal, aka 4mm heel to toe offset and under. However, there’s absolutely no sacrifice to cushion. I would classify it as a reduced shoe. Also, when you wear any Kinvara, there’s an immediate desire to go fast. The build of the shoe definitely propels you forward and makes you feel good doing it. The golden rule is, so long as the ride is flat – I’d say it fits the minimalist bill.


1. The main complaint peeps had with previous iterations is durability because the flex film upper tears easily. Part of the blame should be on the runners who jam their wide foot into a medium width shoe. Come on, they come in wides too you know. The seamless welded upper is still kickin, but there’s more meat too it this time around. Hopefully this lessens the chance of ripage.

2. Progrid to Powergrid. The best cushioning system that Saucony offers period. Which is interesting because the Kinvara is looking more and more like a lighter version of the Cortana with the upgrade in cushioning.

3. I wouldn’t call this an upgrade, but it’s still impressive. The men’s shoe still maintains a weight of 7.7 oz, even with the meatier upper and higher quality midsole foam. How in the world?!

There she is. If any of you have an interest in running in a reduced 4mm heel drop running shoe – here’s your reason to get one. The Kinvara 5 is releasing May 1st this year.

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