Trapped, aka, being injured

It’s funny how this blog is dedicated to all the good happy feelings that come packaged with running. Unfortunately, that’s not how it is for me right now. As a runner you never pause to think of the consequences of losing something you practice everyday because it’s always gogogo, don’t stop, and definitely don’t look back. It’s amazing how fast the weekly miles will past you by while goals become more and more of a reality when you’re dead set on achieving them.

A little bit of ugly news. Three weeks ago I did a 22 mile day where I ran 15 in the morning and 7 in the afternoon with friends, which totaled my week to 65. Nothing particularly special, but more than I usually finish in a week’s time. After that week there’s been a constant sharp pain on the inside of my left heel (the tiniest spot too). It’s gotten to the point where I can’t push myself to 3 miles without being in complete intolerable pain. Before you ask, no, I can’t muster the strength to be a masochistic right now! Seriously. It’s like stepping on a lego barefoot every second stride.

The doctor’s report after the x-rays were zero stress fractures, so it’s nothing bone breakingly serious. I asked them what else it could be and…they have no idea. They suggested doing good ol’ P to the T combined with some R&R. My inner runner addict is whispering in my ear saying (psstt ONLY do the R&R because you can start doing me again sooner). I’m still split on what will actually work and get me on the road quickly to train for the Boston Prep next month.

Perhaps other runners can sympathize the struggle of finding another outlet to fill your time when you’re injured. Honestly, nothing fills you up like a good hearty run. And when that’s not present to help you feel good everyday – life becomes really blah and not fun. For me now it’s time to find another something to do in the meantime. Playing guitar sounds productive, right?

My plan is to rest for two weeks straight while icing and stretching as much as possible. We’ll see where that takes me. Hopefully I’ll be back in it to win it very soon!

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