My history as a runner

This is my first attempt, first post, first mark on creating a special blog. I want to thank you for reading thus far, thank you truly.

It’s unusual to think I was never always the way I am now. In the past, I didn’t considered myself a proclaimed runner by title, but through play as a kid I was probably one of the best “runners” in the neighborhood. I lived in Wilmore, Kentucky in until I was about nine. Wilmore was my playground to express my endless energy through intense physical activity. There was lots that I did over the course of my day – sports, biking, fort building, tree climbing, and even making my daily door bell ringing rounds to all the neighborhood kids. (Sometimes it was only for Nintendo. I’ll admit it!) I remember making great strides in trying to max out the speed on my little red bike by climbing the highest peak on the block and plummeting while pedaling as quickly as possible. Do we all have a need for speed? I must, because that was and still is my instant rush!

My love for speed never tapered, although it did take on other forms. When my family moved to New Hampshire, I loved playing tag on the playground and I made good friends that way. Beyond that there was a period where I played baseball up until high school, which allowed me to test my speed by stealing bases. My favorite part about being on a little league baseball team was the sprint races we had at the end of games. We would start at home base and foot race to first base. It was fun to be competitive with my teammates and see who improved since last race. Baseball was definitely a worth while learning experience for me. I can’t say I was good at it, jeez, I wouldn’t even say average! But it brought me to a realization that there was a world of individual sports to explore like running.

Leading onto senior year was when I found a calling to cross country and track & field. Many times over the course of those three seasons – I knew it was the highlight of my high school career and the beginning of a passion. After every XC race and event, it always struck me in a positively self fulfilling manner. In a good way, it left me craving for more races, runs, and friends.

In college, I had the privilege to join the Rivier University cross country team. Which proved to be a struggled for me at first because Rivier cross country wasn’t a booming program by any stretch. It was more of a running club at best. I feel funny mentioning the pains of being on a small team because my friends will know exactly how wishy washy it was for me. Bitterness was perhaps a word I’d use to describe my feelings towards a lack luster program. However, for the sake of loving to run and the good company of friends – it was worth the wait. Sophomore year we got not one coach, but TWO! Coach Delanoy and Coach Radkewich, who are both amazing coaches. I can’t give them enough gratitude for their patience when training us on the toughest of days. Nick Radkewich, by the way, is an Olympian for US triathlon team during the 2000 summer Olympics. I only say “is” because he once said, “Once an Olympian, always an Olympian.” And he wasn’t anymore right! I was extremely happy to train under these two coaches for three seasons.

Now that’s some instant flash news coverage! I don’t think I’ve used the word “I” to the point of chanting like a monk. AYE AYE AYE!!!

What am I doing now? Despite the world’s constant suggestion to seek higher education…I vetoed that idea and I’m now selling running shoes at a Saucony outlet store. I know I know, retail, don’t gag yourself yet. At this point in life, I’m doing what I know, and that is running. Talking about running all day is fun for me. The customers who are runners appreciate the chat while the *cough* non-believers, aka, non-runners drone out my tech rants.

That’s all for now…

2 thoughts on “My history as a runner

  1. Good job Alec! I believe this is a step in the right direction. It may seem unconventional to some, but I believe everyone has to find their own way in life. Good luck with this and be PATIENT! Good things come to those who wait.

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